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Wanda has been a consultant to Leaders particularly to churches and their music department leaders, musicians and singers for many years. Helping others achieve their organizational goals by addressing concerns with open and honest communication and effective resolutions is what Wanda’s consultancy is about.


Wanda also consults with independent music artists training in industry protocol and leading each through the process of their own unique gifting and desire to share their gifts with the world. Wanda walks from start to finish with each artist to help them achieve success within the music industry.  Want to share your gifts with the world and have no clue where or how to begin? Wanda can help! Wanda offers one on one consulting as well
as shares her knowledge through seminars.

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Music Innovations Consultant Services LLC which represents and provides low-cost professional music industry workshops/seminars to fully educate underrepresented and underserved local artists, particularly within the inner-city and urban areas who identify and perform as positive local artists accompanied with proven support of their local of community, by sharing full-days of music industry knowledge i.e. copyrighting, legal and [the] many challenges today's unknown artists face being unable to afford the professional advice, materials or resources to keep/eliminate each from being taken advantage (i.e. copyright infringement, royalty collections and the many areas that artists ignore in their day to day dealings trying to comprehend the professional music industry. Being a veteran in the music industry, I am honored to serve disadvantaged artists in our many communities with my knowledge. They have greater success and better opportunities following
a MICS education.

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