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SWAG (Surely! We Are Gifted) is a weekend program for youth to tap into their unique art and gifting. There are specific weekend programs for some of our youth with more challenging family/school situations and helps them re-channel challenging behaviors and circumstances, sometimes anger and life's concerns due to their many disadvantaged situations that these youth have been placed in; no fault of their own. It is a program, however, for all youth ages 03 – 19. Many artistic courses have been removed from a school’s curriculum. Surely! We Are Gifted offers creativity and fun to help children understand their many gifts and talents utilizing educationally sound fun, light-hearted and uplifting methodologies and tools, i.e., overall artistic discovery, painting, dance, music theory and learning artistry software on computers.  It works concurrent with their daily educational routine, first emphasizing they daily strive for success in their school studies and increases positivity within them with merriment in discovering their gifting and talents.

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