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Wanda is an accomplished musician, artist and producer. 
“I love helping truly gifted artists, especially the “unknown” or “underserved” in the area of their musical gifting(s) accomplish the completion of their exclusive music projects.  No two artists are alike, and each one of us deserves to be presented with the uniqueness’ God has placed within us.  Tap into your distinctive creativity and bring to the forefront what has been placed in you to share with the world.” Wanda has a fully equipped sound recording studio.  Wanda also prepares artists seeking to record for the studio process.

DonWanMusic Publishing LLC is a full sound recording and music production studio which produces professional music projects for pro artists, film and television and can/will assist these same student-artists that successfully complete their first layer of music industry education with Music Innovations Consultant Services LLC by affording each student low-cost professional recording studio opportunities. 

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